• Thailand

    Thailand is a wondrous kingdom, featuring Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, spectacular islands and friendly people who epitomize Thailand's "land of smiles" reputation.

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  • Vietnam

    Lying on the eastern part of the Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam is a strip of land shaped like the letter "S". China borders it to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the west, making for an exotic mix of destinations at your doorstep. Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups, each of which has its own traditional culture. The diversity of the ethnic groups is apparent in the many traditional and cultural Vietnamese treasures which include works of art found throughout the country including sculpture, ceramics, painting and casting, made from materials such as clay, stone, bronze, steel, wood and paper.

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Classic Asia

CLASSIC ASIA treats every client individually. Our main aim is to help you create wonderful memories which will transport you to favourite destinations for many years to come. 

With rich cultural heritages and diverse landscapes of great natural beauty, our wonderful destinations provide dazzling and exotic variety. Whatever your preference, be it marveling at the ancient temples of Cambodia, visiting the World Heritage Sites of Vietnam, or simply soaking up the sun, our ultimate aim is to make your journey a very special experience. Because we are all different, each holiday is tailor made to suit each individual, couple, or family.   Itineraries are suggestions only to whet your appetite and to help you in your choice of the perfect holiday for you.